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Have you ever had problem:

  1. easily purchasing protective or work wear?
  2. accessing the desired product as you could not order directly from the manufacturer?
  3. facing a too high price?
  4. having to order the desired protective gear and work wear from several different suppliers?
  5. not getting the proper professional information if you had any questions, and so you could not order with a calm conscience?
  6. not getting an alternate offer if a product was not in supply?

Hanza-Team Kft. provides the solution for all these problems!

More than 80 000. products at one place!

Continuous contact with our Customers.

Professional help for our Partners, to help them make the right choice.

We serve our customers for almost 30 year, throughout the country.

After a simple registration, which holds no obligations, the following advantages can be enjoyed:

  1. Customized, personal and affordable prices.
  2. Personal pickup, delivery or fix-routed company driver.
  3. Easy and direct ordering from our wide range of products.
  4. Available customer service and professional support, so that your clients may be as satisfied as ours.


Said about us:

‘Everything that is work protection! From underwear to alpine strap, they have everything! Great communication, friendly employees! ? ;)‘ Vince Varga

‘Helpful service!‘ András Felföldi

‘Very good, quick!’ Sándor Sipos

‘They are flexible, helpful and they find a solution even when it seem there is none! A+! :)’ János Marczin